Friday, October 12, 2007

Shabbat in Jerusalem!

Welcome back to the Israel Travelblog-a-logue! There was a long and troubling gap in there, but rest assured, Fearless Reader, that we are now thoroughly back in the saddle.

In the first of many ridiculous signs to come, at our outdoor Shabbat circle, a stray cat (the first of many, many stray cats we'd see in The Holy Land) decided he wanted to be the center of attention, surprise surprise.

In Jewish tradition, on a Friday night (the beginning of the Jewish day of rest), the women light the candles. I was once told that the candles represent the willful creation of the universe, over and over, in each instant, forever, and the candle--forever renewing itself--embodies that spirit of continuous creation. (It's also just pretty).

After the ritual washing of the hands, we sat down for dinner. Needless to say, we were all very, very excited.

Awake clock: somewhere approaching 50 hours. Yeesh.

The breaking of the challah (bread) symbolizes the start of the meal.

In a salute to John Mackey, here's my first ever (!) food shot. Stuffed grape leaves, green beans, mixed olives, carrot-cole slaw, and grilled lamb. A-maz-ing.

Part of Shabbat was our first Israeli sunset. Watching the light fade over Jerusalem was pretty surreal. Holy sunset!

And now, to close out the post, some gratuitous dessert nudity!

Ending the meal with (from left) Brooke, Carly, Karen, and Hannah.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Now that I'm back...

... what will this blog be, exactly?

A few things to expect:

1. The Israel travelogue-a-blog will continue. Woo!
2. Quick, snappy items about Autumn in New York, various cultural happenings, and everything society you'd expect from a composer living la vie bohéme in the Big Apple.
3. News about my music, as well as the still-in-labor birthings of the new band/ensemble my friends/roomies and I have started, TOAST. Stay tuned...

Rumors of My Death

... have been greatly exaggerated. I am, indeed, alive and well, and I owe you all an explanation for exactly where the bloody hell I've been since August 27.

The short version (those of you who know me already know the long version) is that September bit the big one. The slightly longer version is that at various points throughout the month, I had zero jobs, a job and a half, five jobs (FIVE!), and now things have finally settled down to two big jobs, two little jobs, and a gig.

In addition to that, I had been typing on the floor, sitting on a cushion with no desk, with my computer on my coffee table, and I finally royally screwed up my back (I'm old!). So that put me out of commission for a while.

So I assure you, Fearless Readers, I am back to stay this time. Promise. Forgive me?