Monday, August 27, 2007

Premium New-Apartment Boozefest

Part of the thrill of moving to a new, larger, more conveniently located apartment is planning the larger, actually-attended cocktail parties. That's right, this past weekend was our First Official Uptown Boozefest. But seriously, it was a classy affair:

Fresh lime, a $200 bottle of Milagro tequila (it's wonderful having friends who work at magazines and get tons of free stuff, no?), antique silver-rimmed shot glasses, and a Spiderman paper plate. Tequila this good is for sipping. And by the time the official housewarming rolls around we'll have real plates and coasters. Promise.

My friend also scored us a bottle of Lillet, a lovely (and purple!) French apéritif wine. Again note the silver-rimmed antique glasses, the amazing color combination of the wine and the lime (thanks, Canon DSC 1000!), and the trash bag cooling its heels in the background.

And today's Art Shot: white wine, Lillet, and a spent shot of Milagro, complete with mortar-crushed sea salt (and Laura). Requisite bohemian touch: bar coasters!

To top it all off, the original plan was to get together and watch the Vienna State Opera's production of Lohengrin, starring a young Placido Domingo, but we somehow talked the summer night away. Truly lovely.

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Brandon said...


Do you still live in new york? where are you. we should hang out. hit me up.