Thursday, December 11, 2008


AfterElton reports:

"The blogosphere has been abuzz for several weeks now with news the Battlestar Galactica was going to finally add a gay male character (or two) when the show debuts their new "The Face of the Enemy" webisodes starting this Friday.

Well, I just watched the first two webisodes and I can confirm the speculation is true. Find out who is gay and what happens with them after the jump. But only click through if you don't want to be spoiled about the reveal or the two webisodes!"

So I actually have mixed feelings about this one. I'm F*@KING OVERJOYED that a show built on subversive portrayals of gender and sexuality is FINALLY getting a gay character
, and I'm equally thrilled that it seems to be who I think it is. ______ has fought and suffered just as hard as anyone else on the show, if not harder, and we've never seen him express any interest in women. So it's not a "shock!" outing, and it's not a let's-out-the-hairdresser-on-a-war-show outing either.

The one bugaboo is that the big reveal is happening during a series of webisodes before Season 4.5. Couldn't we have it happen on the show proper, where more people would see it? Then again, Season 4.0 ended like a bazillion million years ago, and any fanboys like me are probably salivating at the thought of Battlestar-ANYTHING at this point, so maybe MORE people will end up seeing it? And it's not like anyone's going to start tuning in to the show now that hasn't been on board all along--it's definitely of the Miss One Episode and You're F*#%ed School of television writing (see also: Lost, 24, Heroes, et. al). I also hear that, in sci-fi nerd parlance, the webisodes are "canon," which--loosely translated--means that shit matters if you're gonna be watching Galactica Actual in January. I can see it now: "Previously..."

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