Thursday, December 11, 2008

Random Thoughts, 12/11/08 Edition

I did an exceptionally great job shaving my head today. It's super-smooth and that makes me happy.

When you've spent the day outside your apartment/house/abode, and then you get home and it starts raining, there's a kind of pleasure you get from the knowledge that it could have rained while you were out/at work/at school, but it didn't, and now you get to just listen to the rain falling. When you've spent the whole day at home, however--orchestrating--and it starts to rain at the exact moment you have to go to Kinkos because the school lab is closed and your project is due tomorrow morning, there ain't no isn't-the-sound-of-rain-beautiful pleasure then.

Re: yesterday's Random Thoughts on beard itchiness and majesty, there is indeed a bell curve of itchiness as growth increases. I did kinda cheat and trim the jawline though. Sue me.

Some music is just perfect for late, rainy nights. I leave you with the sublime and haunting finale of Morton Feldman's classic Rothko Chapel:

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