Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Random Thoughts, 12/10/08 Edition

My beard itches.

Mixed-meter motets are hard at 160 beats per minute. No, soprano clef does not make them easier.

If I trim the beard now, it will be less itchy but also less majestic.

Re: Sir Michael Tippett's King Priam, composers who are not trained librettists/playwrights should generally not write their own libretti. "How, Helen, after such love with me, can you now go lie with Menelaus?" Yeah, Helen, what the f*@k? Pwned.

If a big, hairy, middle-aged gay man is a bear, and a young bear is a cub, and a skinny, hairy middle-aged gay man is an otter, and a second train leaves Chicago heading east at 65 miles per hour, then what am I (a 20-something, skinny, hairy gay man)? A baby otter? Isn't that like a pup or something?

If I wait and let the beard grow out, will it get both less itchy and more majestic? If you could graph this itchiness vs. majesty relationship (X = majesty, Y = itchiness), would it look like this beautiful bell curve?:

My friend A--, who just finished 25 minutes of a 45-minute film score in four days, by his sheer awesomeness makes me feel like a wuss for complaining about the two minutes of composing I have to do by tomorrow. Thanks, A--, thanks a lot. Also congratulations.

This motet is actually kind of pretty.

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