Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Out of / Into Annapolis

I just arrived for a little holiday snooze and chill break with family in Annapolis, Maryland, home of the United States Naval Academy.  It's a really charming little city, with excellently preserved architecture and supremely awesome Southern food.  I haven't been out of the city for longer than a few hours since the summer, and a little country R&R is exactly what the doctor ordered.  I love New York and will defend it against any hater, but sometimes it can just wear me down.  That's usually when I come down here.

First orders of business till Friday evening: eat, sleep, watch TV, write.  Ahhh...

And by the by, a documentary about gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender alumni of the Naval Academy is in the works by retired submariner Steve Clark Hall.  Lead:
One captain in the Marine Corps had to sign the confining orders to send a lesbian to jail, but was so disturbed that the next day the officer, who was also gay, submitted his resignation papers. Another man, from the Naval Academy Class of 1958, was kicked out of the military because his name was found in the address book of a "known homosexual." Other gay men and lesbians left the service because like Steve Clark Hall, a nuclear submarine captain who retired after a 20-year Navy career, they could no longer bear the burden of harboring an enormous secret about their identity. "I was tired of being single and not being able to live life the way I wanted to," said Hall, 54, who has begun gathering these stories for Out of Annapolis, the documentary film he is making about gay and lesbian alumni of the Naval Academy.

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